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Welcome to The Ellinikon Beach Villas

The most desired address in Athens City and on the Athenian Riviera

City and beachside living at one exquisite address

The Ellinikon is one of Europe’s largest regeneration projects: a visionary, 6.2 million sqm prime seafront community in one of the world’s most historic capitals that will offer an excellent blend of districts, each with a distinct character combining unique living, shopping, working and entertaining experiences.

Designed on ‘15-minute city’ principles, seamless travel connections will put all the new neighbourhoods within easy reach. A stunning 2 million sqm metropolitan park, comprising the heart of the entire project, will also become Europe’s largest coastal park. The Ellinikon will also feature a state-of-the-art 400-berth marina that will elevate the city’s glamorous beach and yacht scene.

On the North West and tip of this new destination, the luxury enclave of the Ellinikon Beach Villas will boast seclusion and privacy. Yet, while mere metres from crystal clear waters, it is also conveniently placed to take advantage of a plethora of things to do in the city. As the historic city forges a new future, this is an opportunity to craft a vibrant way of life in your own unique style.


Square meters of reimagined and urban living


Square meters of stunning parkland


Beautifully restored coastline and beaches


Newly landscaped public beach


Square meters of local green and open space


Scenic walkways and cycle tracks


Investment with international architectural partners


Tourists expected to visit annually

A space that celebrates you.

The Villas

Majestically crafted jewels

An Ellinikon beach villa is the mesmerising result of a collaboration between owner and architect. Starting life as a blank canvas on the shores of the Aegean Sea, your choice of partner from five outstanding architectural practices will guide and support your decisions as the villa moves from concept to reality.

Artfully crafted, visually stunning and bespoke to your desire; this will not merely be a one-of-a-kind home that pushes the boundaries of beachfront and city living, it will be an embodiment of your personality. A distillation of your story. A gift for your family and loved ones to cherish and enjoy.

Villa architect


A creative team of architects and interior designers, K-Studio mixes different architectural styles and periods, and has a reputation for flexibility within a minimalist approach. Informed by tradition, enriched by materiality; their ethos is to build strong identities and architectural narratives that balance the local context with contemporary aspirations – to elevate and enrich residents’ lifestyles.

Villa architect

Tombazis & Associates

Tombazis & Associates Architects see each project as a complex puzzle in which every little detail has its right place. With a background in green research and projects co-funded by the European Commission, they were the first to design ‘solar’ residences in Greece, and put an emphasis on smoothly integrating bioclimate and low energy design with natural surroundings.

Villa architect


Based in Athens and London, ISV Architects is known for a simple and restrained modern language centred on residents’ wellbeing. The architectural form is a result of a design process focused on endless horizontal and vertical planes interlocking blue sky and sea, with indoor and outdoor spaces fusing distinct spatial geometry with a delicate use of natural and artificial light.

Villa architect

Oppenheim Architecture

With a design strategy built around creating dramatic and powerful experiences, Miami and Basel-based Oppenheim Architecture has become synonymous with innovative concepts that optimise challenging sites and revitalise urban areas. Their philosophy is centred on creating residences that reconnect people with nature – letting the uniqueness of a place fuel the design of meditative spaces that work in harmony with their surroundings.

Villa architect


One of South Africa’s leading architectural lights, SAOTA’s distinctive work can be seen around the world and is driven by a philosophy that connects function and form with the pursuit of true architectural design. Their residences echo a spirit of curiosity and enquiry which, coupled with a deep understanding of the role of design, results in spaces that enhance everyday moments.

The Ellinikon Beach Villas

The Plots

Space to inspire

Opening onto the Aegean Sea, the Ellinikon Beachfront Villa plots are envisioned to be the most valuable and prestigious in Athens. They are perfectly positioned to offer residents a unique urban lifestyle combined with a distinctly relaxed seaside ambience. Importantly, they also enjoy a clear air of seclusion and privacy that owners and their guests desire.

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  • 1 2,018 1,096 40%
  • 2 2,018 1,096 40%
  • 3 2,018 1,096 40%
  • 4 2,018 1,096 40%
  • 5 2,018 1,096 40%
  • 6 2,140 1,140 40%
  • 7 2,094 1,123 40%
  • 8 2,094 1,123 40%
  • 9 2,094 1,123 40%
  • 10 3,743 2,150 40%
  • 11 1,400 857 40%
  • 12 3,350 1,673 40%
  • 13 2,529 1,315 40%
  • 14 2,529 1,315 40%
  • 15 2,529 1,315 40%
  • 16 2,529 1,315 40%
  • 17 2,062 1,132 40%
  • 18 2,062 1,132 40%
  • 19 2,062 1,132 40%
  • 20 2,441 1,309 40%
  • 21 1,856 1,058 40%
  • 22 1,856 1,058 40%
  • 23 1,400 834 40%
  • 24 2,250 1,240 40%
  • 25 1,915 1,079 40%
  • 26 1,915 1,079 40%
  • 27 2,250 1,240 40%

Ellinikon Beach Villas

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